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A Wisdom Author

Padma Aon is an intelligence creator, vibrational media maker, visionary pioneer and open speaker uniting antiquated shrewdness and present day science.

A Master of Vibrational Medicine

Padma is a master of vibrational medicine through sound, translating the art and science of vibration to create moving and alchemical immersions.

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Multi-Media Producer

As a multi-media maker, he made unique music and visual substance dependent on worldwide hallowed locales. He is as of now making music and sound substance for a progressive Meditation App.

Sounds of the Soul’ Sacred Sound World Music Documentary by Emmy Award Winner Stephen Olsson of Link TV is about the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, and was shown at Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals. It is narrated by Padma Aon Prakasha.

In a world increasingly polarized by religious conflicts and violence, SOUND OF THE SOUL is a timely and profound journey of understanding and hope.The film presents a vivid portrait of Fez, Morocco, an historically open-minded and tolerant Arab city, with its annual Fez Festival of World Music. This unusual event invites Muslim, Christian and Jewish men and women from around the world to share their varied spiritual traditions through musical performances at the city’s historic sites.

SOUND OF THE SOUL captures the multi¬faceted nature of this extraordinary celebration by deftly weaving together vibrant concert footage with insightful commentary from musicians and an international symposium of philosophers, scientists and spiritual leaders.

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